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The Accentra's on-board microprocessor constantly senses room temperature and automatically makes adjustments in the feed rate and air supply so you get just the right amount of heat. This remarkable technology lets you fill the hopper, set the desired temperature and walk away. Harman Allure50 pellet stove. This is the top of the Harman line up. Beautiful white enamel finish in a modern design. Harman quality and efficiency. A real reliable dependable machine. Slightly used as showroom display, in excellent condition. Has the new TC control system and whisper quiet fan modes. Sep 03, 2016 · Knobs on the control board went south so I bought a new on with the help from the guy at the store. The manual calls for either 3-20-05374 or 3-20-05886 and to match the old one. The store told me that the new part number for either is 1-00-05886 and I just have to match the dip switches for the P61A making it a 3-20-05886F.